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Dark Angel series timeline

Sorry for the off topic but I think that this might come in handy for fanfiction writers:
I created a Dark Angel series timeline containing some background informations with kimiM's help!
You can find it here: http://eyes-only-net.livejournal.com/317.html
and there: http://eyes-only-net.dreamwidth.org/259.html
I humbly apologize to the mod for the OT posting (& promise to keep it brief).

Dear ladies of AURLCO, I pose to you a question: how do you like your fic (besides the obvious inclusion of nekkidtivity, of course)? Myself, I am a purist only in the confines of the fandom. I ship Max/Logan exclusively on the show & they were definitely my OTP, but in fic my tastes tend to be more liberal.

The reason I ask is because I wrote a ficlet (that ties into a much larger fic) which involves Naked!Logan stepping out of the shower. As nice of a mental image as this presents, it's not set necessarily within the DA fandom (no post-apocalyptic world) & Max plays no part in it. Rather it involves an original fictional character (FTR, there's a PG-13 version & an R version, if that gives a clue as to the scene's contents).

If this doesn't bother you & anyone is interested in reading it, I'll provide the link. So what say you? Are you game? Shall I be beaten for insubordination & blasphemy? (so long as it's by Logan, I can live with that *BEG*) Does Naked!Logan outweigh all else? You decide.

New Sexy Logan Community

There is a new Logan loving community!  So far featuring gorgeous pics, but I think they have ambitious plans.

(They even like him with clothes on, apparently...but that's cool, since every time he's dressed there's another excuse to get him nekkid.)

Join scary_brilliant  immediately and write some new Logan fic to celebrate.


Nekkid 40 Fic...FAST

Fast by miamo81 

In her journal

Logan in a towel...nice.



Claiming the prompt 'fire'

Actually cheating because I have a fic done, and it so happens that the prompt fits right in :P Can I still do this?

Sequeling the sequel

With thanks for lending  this universe (and the pigeon lady's brain) to me...
fauxcynic's snowy Penthouse evening and mrsevilpigeon's undercover night turning into....

Prompt: Sunrise

Happy birthday geeky_apple   !!!

Finally able to post here and to get one prompt done for aurlco =) Killing two birds with one stone. Enjoy!!


Author: Me. :P GrievingMess

Pairing: ML

Prompt: Sunrise

Rating: I don't know. G?


*Crossposted to aurlco*